From UAS to Career – Career Data for All, an ESF project conducts a career monitoring survey from 20 November to 16 December 2019 for Master’s graduates from 2012.

This survey is designed to gather information especially on the role and relevance of a master’s degree in the careers of graduates. The results will give universities of applied sciences and others who use career data relevant and up-to-date information on the strengths and uniqueness of the master’s degree at UAS in relation to both UAS’s bachelor’s degree as well as master’s degrees at the universities. The results of these career monitoring surveys will be used in the development of education and study guidance. Future and current students as well as alumni will be able to utilize the information based on these survey results for planning their studies and future careers.

This career monitoring survey will be sent by email in Finnish and in English to graduates from Haaga-Helia UAS, Häme UAS, Laurea UAS, Oulu UAS, Tampere UAS and Turku UAS.

This customized survey will be sent to graduates who are not part of the group of graduates that are being sent a nation-wide survey requested by the Ministry of Education and Culture. This survey will be used to test whether the nation-wide career monitoring survey should be modified taking into account the UAS master’s degree perspective or whether a separate survey questionnaire should even be used together with the UAS bachelor’s degree questionnaire. The goal is to build a model to help disseminate information on UAS master’s degree graduates’ careers. This model is developed together with external stakeholders.

Privacy statement for the data subject Master’s Degree survey Nov 2019

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