The second national career monitoring survey for UAS graduates will be made during 15.10-10.11.2020. The target group of the survey are all UAS graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 2015. A total of 26 000 students completed a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in 2015. The survey is implemented by email and text message. In text messages, the sender is Uraseurannat and in email the sender is uraseurannat(a)

By answering the survey, you will help current and future students in their career planning, and higher education institutions to improve their education and guidance. Information obtained from the survey are utilized e.g. in the career guidance for students, as examples of employers and tasks found by students in the field. The survey also examines the employment of university of applied sciences graduates and their satisfaction with the degree and career.

One of the aims of the national survey is to obtain information on whether university of applied sciences graduates are happy with the quality of their education. The need for this information is based on the Act on Universities of Applied Sciences (932/2014) and decrees. This survey helps the Ministry of Education and Culture to evaluate the operations of higher education institutions.

The survey will be made almost at the same time as the career monitoring survey for master’s degree graduates of universities.

Background information on the respondents is not required, as we obtain them from the student register of your UAS. The answers are processed confidentially. The results of the earlier surveys can be read in Vipunen (only in Finnish),  the statistics portal of the Finnish National Agency for Education and in the töissä.fi web service.

Privacy statement for the data subject

Questionnaire in English